Beds are one of the most expensive and prominent pieces of furniture that a homeowner will need to invest in. As you already know, sometimes, making your purchase online is not the best solution to fill your home with furniture. In fact, many furniture stores will get you big savings if you wait for the right occasion to roll along! Here are four smart ways to save big shopping for a bed in store:

  1. Purchase The Floor Sample

Many customers don’t know this, but usually, the actual floor sample can be purchased for a steep discount at a furniture store. Of course, the amount of discount will vary greatly based on the retailer as well as your location. Even if you don’t think that there’s a sample sale going on, make sure you speak to the manager as he or she may be willing to sell you the floor sample regardless.

Before committing to buy the floor piece, do inspect and check for any serious signs of damage. After all, many people try the floor samples, and if it is in bad shape, then the discount will hardly seem worth it in the end.

  1. Pay With A Credit Card

It’s true that using your credit card may inadvertently land you into more debt, but you also need to consider that credit cards also offer cash back as well as rewards programs. When making a large purchase such as a bed in store, it makes sense to reap the rewards by choosing your credit card as payment with the best cash back or rewards program. If you don’t have a credit card right now, some retailers offer in-house financing, and you can pay off your new bed on a monthly basis.

  1. Try Buying At The End Of The Month
  2. Always Wait For Sales Or Coupons

You need a bed now, but think of all the money you can save if you wait for big sales. Most retailers celebrate anniversaries, the summer, back to school, and the holidays, all of these can save you money. It’s also worth following along with a retailer as many actual provide coupons during the month as well. All stores work differently, but most will always have some way to save you money.

Purchasing a brand new bed is never cheap, but there are ways that you can significantly reduce the associated costs. Many homeowners find that purchasing the floor sample, waiting for sales, or even purchasing at the end of the month can net big savings. The moment you know you need a bed, it’s best to start exploring your options and comparison shopping in your area.


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