AK47 Vs. M4 Airsoft

This is an age-old question with the two leading options competing with each other.

Prospective users want something that fits their needs and is going to work well in the long-term. When comparisons such as these are being made, it’s important to pinpoint the pros and cons of each before deciding which one is the top gun to buy.

This read is going to dive into the nuances of both the AK47 and M4 Airsoft before pointing to which option is going to do the trick.



1) Affordable

This is far more cost-efficient in the grand scheme of things, and that’s why it is preferred by numerous agencies around the world.

With the need to have so many weapons, it makes sense to go with one that is cost-efficient. This does the trick and ensures a person doesn’t have to pay a lot to get their hands on one.

2) Wooden Build

This is important for those who want to avoid a loose grip or one that is going to have reduced quality.

With the wooden build, it’s easier to maximize potential and dull some of the wear down that comes with other options.


1) No Changes

This is something the solution has gone with for years, and it doesn’t change.

What this means is most of the emphasis is on keeping the same build quality. It doesn’t change from company to company. Everything is done in the same manner to maintain legitimacy, and that’s a con at times.

Those who want to tweak things around are not able to get their hands on anything that is worthwhile. This can be annoying to some.

M4 Airsoft


1) More Adjustments/Modifications

This is important to those who are investing in a solution. You want something that is going to give you more control, and this does that for you in a hurry. It has a lot of modifications that provide ample control.

Those who want to keep things simple and make sure they’re starting with a top-tier, customizable solution can begin here as soon as they like.

Adjustments are certainly something this gun does well.

2) Comfortable

It holds well in the hands, and that’s important if there is regular usage. It doesn’t slip out nor does it get in the way of what you’re doing while moving.


1) Unreliable Plastic

This is a major issue for those who want a dependable option with regards to the build quality. The plastic might not appeal to you.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, it all comes down to preference and the kind of user you are.

What may work for one person isn’t going to do much for others. With the AK47, you’re looking at a solution that is going to offer affordability, durability but is going to have a streamlined feel to it. With the M4 AIrsoft, you’re looking at a product that is easy to adjust (multiple mods) and comfortable in the hands while being made of unreliable plastic.

It’s all down to you and your needs.


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