Today, it has become more important than ever, to use a process that requires research and significant consideration before choosing a bed that suits your needs. With the extensive range of options available on the markets, choosing a bed that matches up to your personal preferences and that of your partner can become somewhat challenging. Here is an overview of the Aireloom Mattress brand to help you make an informed decision on whether these mattresses match up to your needs.


A man by the name of King Karpen, who was a 3rd-generation Master Mattress Maker, founded the brand known as Aireloom Mattresses, in the early part of the 1940’s. The majority of his customers at the time were mainly Hollywood aristocrats. The outstanding craftsmanship and the superior quality materials which included 2-3-inch layers of cotton, wool, cashmere, and silk resulted in the Hollywood celebrities naming this bed the “Rolls Royce” of mattresses.

Combine the outstanding materials with the patented “nested coil-support system,” and the Aireloom mattresses were soon recognized as one of the best beds across the globe. The Silver Screen Aireloom customers included Ronald and Nancy Reagan, John and Yoko Lennon, Rita Hayworth, Frank Sinatra and John Wayne. The Reagans loved these beds so much that when they took up residence in the White House, they replaced all the beds with Airelooms.

When King Karpen passed away, another popular mattress mogul by the name of Earl Kluft, purchased the Aireloom brand. Kluft was always a fan of the Aireloom beds, and he was also from California. Earl brought the patent, including the manufacturing plant which was situated over 6-acres in Southern California’s Lancaster County. He maintained the master craftsmen of Karpen and continued with the well-known tried-and-tested techniques to carry on providing a luxurious sleep experience that is only derived from sleeping on the world-renowned Aireloom mattresses.

With his dedication to continuing with an enduring sleeping luxury that only Aireloom can provide he picked up the nickname “The Wizard of Ahhhs” and continues his dedication to offering optimal sleeping experiences along with outstanding luxury for customers with the desires and means to invest in only the best.

The Top Mattress website mentioned that craftsmanship of an Aireloom mattress happens to be a highly entailed process, which means only 8 of these mattresses are produced daily, with 50 artisans working on each bed. For example, it takes 2 craftsmen up to an hour to tie 1 box spring by hand. These mattresses are filled with the use of a highly guarded secret along with a patented process which results in a unique “adapt and reacts” feeling regardless of the user’s body type.

The Aireloom design involves a natural-chamber that occurs between the mattress-top and the springs, which allow for each of the elements in these beds to react-and-adapt at the highest performance. When this chamber meets of with the plush material layers, the bed synchronizes completely with the user’s body. The 600 hand-sewn stitches are what pull together the perimeters of these mattresses, while the cloud-like tufts are made out of 50 hand-laced pulls. The artisan craftsmanship and luxurious materials result in one of the most luxurious mattresses from across the globe.

 Mattress Sizes

The Aireloom Mattress comes in various materials and sizes with the mid to the full-luxury grades. A few of their King units are built in a 7 X 7 ft layout and can be turned in 4-different directions to preserve the life-span of these mattresses. This brand also features larger than average-sized King mattresses that are intended mainly for consumers who prefer sleeping accommodations that are roomy.

Why Read Reviews

When investing in a new bed, it is extremely important to read up on reviews of customers that have already tried and tested the product. In the variety of reviews on the Aireloom brand, surveys have concluded a 75% overall satisfaction rate. Also, around 15% of the Kluft/Aireloom mattress consumers reported that the mattress had started to sag within a period of 3 years along with the development of body indentations.

The Aireloom beds according to some reviews offer above-average conforming-support that in most cases resulted in reduction on the pressure points, this is especially true in the mattresses that feature 2-inches or more of a latex or memory foam layer. In some reviews, customers have also mentioned that these mattresses are much heavier that a standard mattress which makes them difficult to move or handle.

Materials & Layers

The construction of these mattresses is quite interesting, as it comes with 5 different layers.

The First and the second layers feature a Talalay latex. This versatile and convenient material is recognized for its cooling benefits along with its outstanding comfort levels. These layers also contribute to reducing motion transfer, which means customers with restless partners have nothing to worry about. Also, this layer is also fairly responsive, which means the sleeper will never feel trapped.

The third layer is made out of cotton, which contributes to the overall luxurious feel of these beds. While the fourth layer is made from a memory-foam. This layer acts as the transitional-layer that introduces additional support when it comes to the overall structure. This layer also plays a significant role in contouring to the body of the sleeper and ensuring perfect alignment of the spine.

The fifth layer is constructed out of pocketed-coils and makes up the foundation of these beds. This layer serves the purpose of ensuring that the user is offered with exceptional support. The layer also brings about a slight yet specific bouncy sensation. All the materials used in these beds are of superior quality. The enhanced breathability due to the Talalay latex also includes a high level of responsiveness.


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