Every woman wants to look nice, regardless of the situation and there is nothing strange about it. Fortunately, thanks to the fact that the cosmetics and hairdressing industry is constantly developing, we have more and more opportunities. The solutions that specialists offer us, such as permanent makeup, gel and hybrid nails, but also extended hair, allow us to take even better care of ourselves. Today we will focus on the latter.

Hair extensions, why should you opt for them?

There are many reasons for this, including a beautiful hairstyle and the volume that many of us can only dream of every day. At the same time, it is a great way to get the right length of hair, in a short time, without having to grow it. Such a solution will work especially well, e.g. before the wedding and will allow you to create your dream hairstyle that will delight all your guests.

Although attachments have many advantages, many women still have doubts about how to wear them. Most of them are related to the fast pace of life as well as physical activity. Will they be able to withstand all this? And what should you pay attention to? Today we will find out about it!

Hair extensions and physical activity

Growing awareness of a balanced diet and introducing training into everyday life are not without significance for our health and appearance. If you have extended strands and want to play sports, nothing stands in the way, you just need to protect them properly. First of all, you need to remember to tie your hair before training – preferably in a braid. This way you will protect your hair from getting tangled both while running and during intensive Tabata.

Accessories and water sports

However, physical activity is not only team games or strength training at home or ftness club. Many people also often exercise at the pool. If you have hair extensions, you do not have to give up your favorite activity. Although chlorinated water dries the hairs (especially the attached ones, which cannot regenerate themselves) swimming is not forbidden. Just remember to tie your hair in a braid and additionally secure it with a cap. This way they will be safe.

What else is worth paying attention to?

Apart from taking care of the hair during the activity, it is equally important how we take care of it before and after the training. You should pay attention to the following

Combing: Remember that a soft bristle brush that does not jerk your hair will work best. When combing, also be careful about joints, it is best to start brushing from the tips. If you do not want your extended hair to get tangled up overnight, braid it, this time in a loose braid.

Washing: this is an activity that each of us performs with different frequency, depending on the predisposition of the strands. However, physical activity makes it necessary, after almost every workout. If you don’t want the extended strands to be damaged, wash them gently in your hands and remember to always apply conditioner after shampooing.

Styling: Even though the safest hairstyle during training is the braid, you can also create other hairstyles. All you have to remember is not to overdo the heat styling. Drying is also worthwhile using cold air.

What should athletes remember about?

Very often, after intensive training, many athletes use the sauna, which allows you to relax and loosen tense muscles. Also with extended hair you can go to the sauna, but you must remember that you expose them not only to very high temperature, but also moisture. If, however, you can not imagine the end of the workout without going into the sauna, secure them beforehand with appropriate preparations, your stylist will certainly help you choose them.


The natural attachments are very similar to our hair, but unlike them, they cannot feed and regenerate themselves. Therefore, it is very important not to expose them to dryness, so they should be often moisturized with appropriate preparations. Any physical activity is possible, but it is important to remember to properly protect the hair extensions beforehand.

In order for hair extensions to survive in perfect condition for many months, it would be worth using the highest quality products. Human hair extensions, tape hair extensions and snap hair clips  – you will find all this in our store.


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