During everyday use of the computer, we often want to show our friends what is happening on our screen. So instead of describing it to them verbally, you can take a quick screenshot or record a short video. How do you screen record?

Before recording

Screen recording in Windows 10 can be started using a simple shortcut Windows + Alt + R. Of course you can create your own shortcut. To do this, click the box next to “Your shortcut”.

Go to the “Shots” tab. To be able to record with sound, make sure the “Record sound when recording game” option is enabled. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure that the “Capture mouse cursor during registration” option is checked (it can be useful when you want to provide some step-by-step instruction). You can also configure video and sound quality.

screen recording

How to record a screen

By default, Windows allows you to record games. Nevertheless, we can record what we want by slightly cheating the system. We open any application, such as Notepad, and execute the Win + G shortcut to open the Game Bar. The question appears Do you want to open the game bar? Then select Yes, it’s a game.

The Game Bar will now open. To start recording, you can either click the Record button from now on or turn off the Game Bar and use the shortcut Win + Alt + R.

When we start recording, a small bar will appear in the upper right corner of the screen showing the recording time and whether the microphone is on. We can end the recording by clicking the square button on it or by pressing Win + Alt + R.

When the recording is finished, a notification will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen that the Game Clip has been recorded. We will also see the location and file name.

Our recordings (regardless of the username and content of the notification) will be stored in the folder This computer> Video> Captured. Clips are saved as .mp4 files.

Screen recording on Android

Smartphones with Android version above 7.0 have a built-in screen recording option. Not everyone can know about it, because this feature is heavily hidden. But there is a way to facilitate access to it.

Screen recording on Android can be placed in the popup menu from the notification bar at the top of the screen. Once the screen recording goes to the quick taskbar, it only takes a few seconds to start the function. Just click the icon and the phone will count down 3 seconds and start recording.

Screen recording on iPhone

In iOS versions from 11, screen recording has become very easy. Actually, it resembles an option that I already wrote about on Android 7.0. It is in the same place – coming out of the popup menu pulled from the top of the screen. However, first, similar to Android, we have to put it there.

To add a function to the popup menu in iOS 11 we need to go to settings. Then we look for “Control Center” -> “Tool Customization” -> we find “Screen recording” and press the “+” sign next to it. From this moment the function goes to the popup menu.



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