Investing brings many challenges that must be met to achieve attractive returns. What should people who are just starting their adventure with the financial market know? What to invest in so as not to lose your savings?

Start by saving – how to accumulate savings effectively

Collecting savings is not a spectacular activity. It requires neither knowledge nor focus – you just have to “hide” part of your salary every month and place somewhere to pay off. Oh, all the secret. Define a permanent transfer to the savings account on the day of payment and it’s ready.

Invest … in yourself – education

Investing is not only a tangible rate of return on investment. It is also raising the value of both things and yourself. So let’s think whether it is worth spending money on education instead of investing.


Of course, since we are thinking about investing, it seems logical to use funds for books on finance and ways of investing. But first let’s think carefully. Maybe it will be much easier to spend money on qualifying in your profession. If thanks to this we increase the salary, the return on such investment will be huge.

It is also worth thinking about various courses, trainings and trainings that will allow us to save on expenses. For example, if we eat out, the cooking course is something for us. The gym membership saves us expenses on doctors etc. These are obvious, but many people forget about them, directing their attention to investing in some financial assets.

Invest long term

Some of the products available on the market, due to the scale of the risk taken, are mainly suitable for investment in the long or medium term. These mainly include instruments based on the stock market. Of course, you can earn a lot on them in a short time, but this is not the rule. The probability of making a profit from our investment increases along with its horizon. We have a better chance of earning after five years than after a few months. 

Or maybe gold?

Investors consider gold to be a safe investment. It is always in the spotlight when times are uncertain. The price increase is driven by institutional investors. Ole Hansen, head of commodity market strategy department at Saxo Bank, emphasizes that hedge funds have accumulated almost record exposure through COMEX gold futures, while the number of ETF units owned by investors has gradually increased to the current level of 77.5 million ounces, the highest in six years. 

Regardless of the type of investment – read what you sign

An important rule not only for investments. Often, when we choose the right product, we are in a hurry, we do not have time or patience to analyze the entire regulations together with the table of fees. It is worth, however, postpone the decision and learn as much as possible about what we invest in. The product design and contract terms are important information from the investor’s point of view. The amount of fees is also important, as they can have a significant impact on the rate of return on investment. 



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