Kinetic sand consists almost entirely of grains of ordinary sand. In addition, it contains a special polymer that gives sand its unique texture, which can be placed between the consistency of plasticine and sand. What does it mean? Kinetic sand is not loose, but it is not hard. The child, by touching the sand, has the impression that it is pouring through his hands, and yet the sand can still be formed like plasticine. Comparison of kinetic sand to wet sand on the beach can brighten up the structure of this extremely interesting and loved by children mass of parents. How to make kinetic sand?

Types of kinetic sand

When it comes to kinetic sand, it is basically divided into 2 types

  • kinetic sand – prepared on the basis of sand – resembles the more natural sand found on beaches. It’s thicker and less messy – that’s why I think it’s better for older children to play with
  • moon sand – prepared on a flour basis – made of edible ingredients – ideal for smaller children to play with. You don’t have to be afraid – that they will eat real sand and their stomach will hurt
making kinetic sand

How to make kinetic sand at home


  • 1 glass of sand
  • 0.5 tablespoons corn starch or potato flour
  • 1 teaspoon of washing up liquid
  • water – if needed

Mix sand with starch, liquid with a little water – until bubbles appear. Then combine all the ingredients together and mix well. If the sand is too dry – slowly add more water – until you get the perfect consistency. 

You can prepare moon sand by mixing together flour, rapeseed oil or other vegetable oil and food colors. 

Kinetic sands – what else do you need to know about them?

From what age can a child play with sand?

Parents can buy kinetic sand for a 2-year-old without fear.

Is kinetic sand safe for one year old? Kinetic sand is completely safe for children, but it is recommended to start playing with it from the age of eighteen. The youngest children can play with sand under parental supervision.

Kinetic sand and accessories

Various buildings can be created from kinetic sand. Children use rolling pins or lego blocks to play with, which they squeeze into different shapes on the sand. Manufacturers, however, offer the option of buying a set that has kinetic sand with molds. With the help of molds, you can imprint various patterns in the sand, build towers and other structural elements of the building.

Where can you play with kinetic sand?

Kinetic sand is intended for fun at home. It’s best to buy a special litter box to play with. The kinetic sand cuvette is something like a home sandbox. Despite the fact that the sand does not dirty and does not stick to the surface, playing in the litter box will keep the house tidy and will give the child a substitute for fun in a real sandbox.

Is kinetic sand safe?

Parents wonder if kinetic sand is harmful. Unnecessary, because it is made up of almost 100% natural raw material – sand. The grains of sand are joined together by means of a safe polymer.


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