We can delay the menstrual cycle with birth control pills. However, sometimes we want menstruation to appear faster and end before an important event. There are several ways to speed up the period. To speed up the period, we can try several proven methods. However, you should make sure that you are not pregnant. Although birth control pills provide almost 100 percent. certainty, however, a small percentage remains for doubt. Is there any way to make your period come faster? If so, then what can you do?

Quick ways to speed up the period

Home methods for the period to come early are primarily methods that allow you to relax and unwind, and those that can cause a slight thinning of blood.
Here are some home ways to speed up the period:
  • massage of the lower abdomen with a stream of warm water – use warm water, not hot, which can burn or cause hemorrhage
  • increased sport activity – although more effort may contribute to delaying menstruation in some women
  • drinking a glass of red wine.
  • drinking herbal tea from mallow – is estrogenic
  • sexual intercourse
  • hot tub bath – however, the temperature must not be too high so as not to faint or burn your body
faster period
Specialists do not confirm that home remedies are effective. A lot depends on the woman’s body. If your period is late, it is better to wait – just relax and do not stress. The period will definitely appear. It should also be noted that natural menstruation is unlikely to be triggered quickly by home remedies. What’s more – long delays or stopping the period can be a sign of more serious illnesses. Therefore, home remedies should be kept away from home. If menstruation does not last long, then it is necessary to visit a gynecologist, who will certainly determine the reasons for the delay of the period and implement the appropriate therapeutic treatment.


If you want to postpone menstrual bleeding, you may also not take a week break when you are using the contraceptive pill, but only start another pack of pills. Then the period will appear only when we stop taking the tablets. If you do not take birth control pills and want to speed up or delay menstruation, you should consult a gynecologist.


Aspirin is one way to speed up menstruation that should not be used. Not because it is ineffective, but because it is dangerous. Aspirin thinns the blood, so taking too much can lead to bleeding. Aspirin should also not be used for pain during menstruation, as it may lead to very heavy bleeding. Under no circumstances should you take this medicine for pregnant abdominal pain – it may result in a miscarriage.
Certainly none of the above-mentioned methods guarantee 100% efficiency in accelerating the period. After all, each organism is different and may react differently to attempts to shift the date of menstruation.


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