You don’t feel happy in your work and you want to change it? Quitting your job may seem tough, but sometimes it’s worth taking this step. How to quit a job?

Where to start

Give yourself time and don’t do it overnight.

It usually looks like this: you know what you don’t want to do, but you don’t quite know what to do instead. You can be frightened by this lack of ideas and stay where you are or take the risk.

In general, looking for a new place for yourself is more pleasant than standing and complaining, but then you have to give yourself a lot of time. Don’t be put off if it’s not perfect at first.

quitting a job

How do you know it’s time to change a job

You spend more time on the net than at work

It doesn’t matter if you have no tasks or just don’t do them – laziness and lack of motivation hit you. As a result, in addition to the regular podium on the list of the most busy, we also do not get pushed from the top of the least efficient employees.

You don’t want to answer business emails

The affliction of everyone who suffers from the derogatory impersonality at work. You receive hundreds of identical-sounding messages, where all patterns recur after a certain period. you have a specific template in mind in your head to answer every anticipated situation, so it’s no surprise that this action can be quite boring. A good idea then seems to be to ignore the less important ones, to give up longer written statements and to patent the “minimum words, maximum content” method.

How to quit your job

Before submitting your notice, it is worth having a plan for what to do next:

Check the market and start earning

Before you quit your job, make sure you can make money from your hobby. The easiest way is to try to earn some extra money while still being employed. If there are people who will pay for what you do, it will confirm that you can potentially make a living from it. By doing this, you’ll also meet the first customers and their needs, gain experience and new skills. The first money also immediately increases motivation, we work harder because we want more.

Reduce costs

No matter how much money you put in, quitting your full-time job will have an adverse effect on your finances. You can slightly improve this balance by giving up part of your expenses or buying cheaper items. Check your payments and cut unnecessary expenses. You’ll be fine if you give up going to the cinema or restaurant, alcohol, holidays and similar attractions for some time. It will definitely not be easy, but don’t forget that if everything goes well you will be able to go on a more exotic vacation.

Have a plan and stick to it for a while

A very difficult element is developing an action plan. Until now, our superiors have told us what to do and we did not have to make any decisions in this regard. Now the situation has reversed, we have to decide what we do. There are probably many things to do, but it is not clear which things are the most important and which must be done first. 



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