Cosmetics is an industry where every product has to go through a difficult path to the heart and taste of the customer. In the battle for recognition, the most important element is the visual side and ease of use. The cans in our warehouse are used to pack cosmetic, medical and household chemical products. They can be of very different shapes and capacities. We as manufacturer of cosmetics packaging know how important is way of delivering our products to their place of destiny.

Bottle packaging – the traditional solution

 Bottles are widely used for packaging, storage and use of cosmetics,  pharmaceuticals and household chemicals. In addition, the bottles are convenient to use and have an ergonomic shape.

  Beautifully designed cosmetic bottles allow you to create a brand style and a unique identification of the product with the company. This gives you the opportunity that by promoting one cosmetic, you will attract the attention of customers to others as well. By using eco-bottles, you give plastic a second life, save raw materials and energy, clean the planet of waste and benefit your customers.

Jars made of glass and synthetic materials

In this category we offer cosmetic jars made of glass, aluminum or synthetic materials. All materials used in the production of packages have the corresponding certificates. The characteristic of our products is their high aesthetics. The entire product range contains only cosmetic packaging, carefully selected for quality and attractive appearance.

Roll-on packages and it’s character

So called roll-on packages have a four-part construction. The main element is the package with all the liquid or cream. It can be shaped like a thin bottle or a box with a wide round bottom. Bottle and adapter accessories that complete the whole package are ball and nut.

 Cosmetics is an industry where every product has to go through a difficult path to the heart and taste of the customer. In the battle for recognition, the visual side and usability are the most important. Roll-on packaging meets both. And if you want to pack your fragrance in rollable bottles, we recommend dark glass – it can protect your product from sunlight.

Airless cosmetic containers

A large part of the cosmetic products used in hygiene and body care are lotions and creams. The peculiarity of such products is that they are based on natural substances, which are often sensitive to microorganisms. The use of airless dispensers prevents the entry of bacteria and the deterioration of the quality of cosmetic products.

Airless containers solve most of these problems. The airless dispenser equipped with a vacuum system completely prevents bacteria from entering the package from hands and air. Tightly sealed packaging protects the contents and significantly extends its shelf life. However, it also has practical benefits. Cosmetics packed in dispensers do not dry out, do not lose their aroma or valuable properties. Welcome to our manufacturer of cosmetics packaging!


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