Step 1:

Cupcakes Gourmet invites you to create your own combination of flavors. For regular sized cupcakes, your order minimum is 1 dozen cupcakes, allowing for up to 4 different flavors. For mini cupcakes, your minimum order is 2 dozen cupcakes, allowing for 4 different flavors per dozen. If you wish to order the same assortment for your second dozen, just select a quantity of 2 or more to your cart. Want a different assortment? Just go back to step 1, and select another flavor combination to add to your cart!

Please choose your size:

Mini Cupcakes
$24.00 per dozen
Regular Cupcakes
$35.00 per dozen

Step 2

Please choose up to 4 flavors:

Cupcakes Gourmet will fill your order with an equal amount of each flavor you select. If you wish to customize quantities for each flavor, simply indicate your amounts in the special instructions in your cart.

Limited Edition Batch

Cupcake of the Month

Classic Line

Ganache Line

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