If you run a business in the food service industry, you know how demanding this market is and how important is reliable equipment To stay ahead of the competition and maintain the quality of your products, you need to constantly innovate and use only the most modern devices. Therefore, our company offers high quality butcher machines of various types for the meat industry and other catering establishments. We will do everything to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. If you are interested, we encourage you to contact us – we will discuss together how we can help you improve your business

Vacuum meat stuffers – high quality device for filling and portioning meat products

The electrically powered vacuum stuffer is an efficient machine that offers high performance thanks to the newest technical solutions used. Meat stuffers in our offer  guarantees exceptional precision and provides ultra-fast portioning. Every meat processing business should have this modern equipment. The whole process becomes much more convenient and faster without giving up great quality of products. Every hydraulic sausage stuffer available on the website of ERY Food Machinery are of the highest quality. Speed up your sausage stuffing process considerably by purchasing butcher machines from our website.

Wide range of butchery machines – ERY Food Machinery offer

We are a professional company with a lot of experience in selling, buying and servicing butcher machines of various types. We offer only reliable equipment from renowned manufacturers in the industry in reasonable prices. ERY Food Machinery offers new butcher machines as: dicers, vacuum tumblers, meat grinders, mixers, vacuum stuffers, steakers, forming machines, clippers, slicers, weighers, vacuum packing machines and many more. Check out our full offer and find perfect equipment for your food industry business. Contact us for more information about our Vacuum stuffers and other devices. We are convinced that you will find excellent equipment suitable for your needs.


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