A carefully prepared lesson plan can speed up the process of preparing for lessons. It is also a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration that you can use effectively during your lessons. Ready-made solutions are carefully created material on a given topic that will allow you to comprehensively develop lessons with adult learners. This is very important because only a properly planned lesson will be effective. A perfect organization of lessons will affect the positive perception of the tutor by adults who pay attention to every detail during the lessons.

Diverse materials in one place

Lesson plans often evoke negative associations because they are associated solely with one draft, a lot of tables and photocopies from several different books. This is wrong thinking and, above all, far from the way English4tutors works. Our ESL Lesson Plans are very diverse, which means that every copy is different. This is not only about the suggestions of many different topics, but also the different content of every module, such as vocabulary, grammar, listening and speaking. The greatest convenience is that everything is in one place! All our ESL Lesson Plans take into account the needs of the different tutors and the different groups they teach. Therefore, materials are prepared for different levels:

  • A2 (Pre-Intermediate)
  • B1 (Intermediate)
  • B2 (Upper-Intermediate)
  • C1 (Advanced)
  • C2 (Proficiency).

Our materials are divided into the following categories: General, Grammar, Technology, Business, Leisure, Travel, and Art/Fashion. In this way, you can create a personalized lesson plan adapted to the interests and individual needs of each learner.

Save your time and energy!

Every tutor knows that the most time-consuming stage of work is the preparation of lessons. Researching materials, designing graphics and writing a detailed plan take up a lot of time that could easily be spent working with new groups or learners. Thanks to the ESL Lesson Plans, it will be possible and you will save energy that you can spend on teaching or looking for new learners. You will be relieved that your lesson planning goes faster and more smoothly, and you have more time and energy to teach others as well as for your own development!

Materials tailored to individual needs

The variety and taking into consideration many aspects meant that lessons can be adapted to a given group and lesson. The great advantage of the ESL Lesson Plans is that the materials are visually attractive and include interactive supporting materials such as PowerPoint presentation slides, infographics and PDF files. This means flexibility in the use of the materials because they can be used in both stationary classes and online lessons!


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